Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Potret-potret HITAM PUTIH Indonesia yang sangat MENAKJUBKAN!!

Oolong Dan. Water Temple in Bali:

Dawn at Borobudur temple.:

Beach Parangritis - Yogyakarta.:

Heath. Kawah Putih - West Java.:

Tropical Depression.:

Underwater research.:

Island life. Eastern Indonesia.:

Ocean Journey. Beach Paranga Teritis:

Arms of the East. Temple of Borobudur, Indonesia:

Roots. Kawah Putih, West Java.:

Sea anemones, the Indonesian archipelago:

Fluffy clouds.:

Underwater garden. Raja Ampat, West Papua, Eastern Indonesia.:

Under water. Children`s freediving in Eastern Indonesia.:

Jurassic Park.:

Rock. West Java, Indonesia.:

Serenity. Resort Misool Eco - West Papua, Indonesia.:

Coconut fog. Copra.:


Middle of Nature:

Foamy waves.:

Smoking mosquitoes.:

Falls. Tropical Storm, Banda Neira.:

Free-diving. Alor, Eastern Indonesia.:

The wooden boat. Looking out of the water.:

Staircase leading to the other side ...:

Singularity. Tree near the White Caldera, West Java.: